The Hightown Winter league runs from September until May.
Registration are as follows:

u7  (5 v 5)   £20 reg fee   and then £23 per match (Max 8 Teams only)

u8/9/10 (7 v 7)  £25 reg fee  and then £25  per match

Un8 are permitted by the F.A. to play a year above their chronological age, regardless of the format.

u11/12 (9 v 9)  £30 reg fee and then £28 per match.

u13 to u17 (11 v 11) TBC per team

Girls Sunday league – Age and format TBC

Cheques payable to Hightown Mini Soccer.

Winter League Application 2016-17 

For any amendments to your squad please complete the player registration form with a passport size photograph.

Please note player transfers are not permitted after 31st January.

Player Registration.doc

Send all registration forms to Steve at